Darryl started playing Drums for the world famous RATZINASAK around 15 years ago after being their Roadie for a short period and the original drummer left.

After a year or so with Ratz, Darryl joined Chiefwiggum who later on had a name change along with change of lead vocalist ! The band was re-christened “SLANG”, and the singer being the one & only Ryan ( A Yank )

SLANG gigged for around 10 years in total.

After a break from knocking the crap outta his tubs ( Which he stole of Brett Ex Dreamthief ) Darryl met up with Mike & the rest is 80*2*90 History .......


108………...but sure you’d agree, he’s wearing well

Hair Colour: Beige and Bald
Favourite People

Girlfriend Lynda and the Kids (said under protest, through fear of being forced to watch East-Fookin-Enders), Also, the one and only Animal, Rock God, Drum God and Number 1 Muppet

Favourite Band: Mötley Crüe, The Wildhearts, The Doors plus anything else with a decent drum beat (anything you can tap your feet and hands to)
Other Interests:

Anything Military, especially things that make very loud bangs alcohol.......then pass out not always in that order but nearly always passing out.

Darryl Plays:

Pearl Drums

Paiste Cymbals

Evans Skins

Zildjian Sticks

DW Pedals